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Electricity-generating Tiles

Audience: General lay audience

Client: Prof. Marc Dryer

A mock editorial cover for Scientific American Magazine. This illustration is based on an article about flooring technology that can generate electricity using footsteps.


Print and web (editorial, magazine)

Tools used:

Autodesk Maya

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Completed on:

December 2017

Mock Scientific American cover



I explored the topic through several sketches and compositions. The goal for these sketches is to communicate the future potential of this new flooring technology as a sustainable energy source for urban cities. With guidance from Prof. Dryer, I decided on a concept and refined the sketch for the modelling stage.

3D modelling


After finalizing my sketch, I started building assets in Autodesk Maya. These assets included building human characters which were rigged for easy manipulation. 



Final renders were brought into Adobe After Effects for compositing and animating.

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