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Medical Legal Visualization

Audience: Canadian Courtroom

Client: Dr. Leila Lax

These panels were created in collaboration with Natividad Chen, Lucas Lin and Felix Weiler. 

Intended for use as demonstrative evidence in the Canadian courtroom, the primary goal of these illustrations is to visually communicate medically accurate evidence as interpreted from the plaintiff’s MRIs and medical reports. Design challenges included how to present medical imaging to an audience without a medical background. To address the spatial complexity of the case study, we contextualized the MRI planes within 3D space to both teach neuroanatomy and describe the patient trauma.


Print (32 x 42 inch panels)

Tools used:

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Completed on:

December 2017

medical legal panel 1
medical legal panel 2
medical legal panel 3
medical legal panel 4
draft 1 panels 1-2
draft 1 panels 3-4
draft 2 panels 1-2
draft 2 panels 3-4

Co-Visualization Plan


As a team, we developed style guidelines and a co-visualization plan to ensure graphic style consistency. Although we had different responsibilities, we reviewed all deliverables together at each phase of the project.

MRI Renders


Felix Weiler and I collaborated on the rendering of the MRIs. Major structures were identified on the original scans using anatomical texts. We then consulted with Dr. Cindi Morsehead, from the Division of Anatomy at the University of Toronto, to confirm the structures. Images were brought into Adobe Illustrator to be vectorized, and then rendered on Photoshop.

heading styles
colour palette
co-visualization plan
MRI render 1
MRI render 2
MRI render 4
MRI render 3
MRI render 5

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