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Laparoscopic-assisted Right Hemicolectomy

Audience: Medical students

Client: Prof. Michael Corrin; Dr. Savtaj Brar (content advisor)

I had the opportunity to observe surgical procedures performed by Dr. Savtaj Brar at Mount Sinai Hospital. The goal of the assignment was to create a clear narrative that accurately describes the temporal, anatomical and procedural aspects of a surgery that could be used as part of instruction. Initial drawings were completed in the OR, specifically noting how surgical tools were handled. Figures depicting each surgical step were drawn iteratively with the guidance of Prof. Corrin, Professor-emerita Margot Mackay, and Dr. Brar for accuracy of content. Challenges include depicting the internal environment of the laparoscopic portion of the procedure, and visually differentiating it from the latter half of the surgery which occurs outside of the patient’s body.


Print (textbook)

Tools used:


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Completed on:

April 2017

Ink illustrations


A didactic spread depicting the externalization and devascularization of the right colon during a laparoscopic-assisted hemicolectomy procedure. 

surgery step 1
surgery steps 2 and 3
surgery steps 4 and 5
surgery step 6
surgery steps 7 and 8

Sketches in the OR


Initial sketches were completed in the OR during surgical observation. I took this opportunity to take notes about the surgery, specifically, the surgical tools that were used during the procedure. Quick and very rough sketches of the surgeons' hands were made to document how the tools were handled.

Surgical sketch
Surgical sketch
Surgical sketch

Multiple iterations


Sketches were made iteratively for several rounds of review by Prof. Corrin and Dr. Brar for accuracy and efficient storytelling.

iterations of surgical illustrations

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