Scientific Visualization and Design

Creating visual and interactive solutions for the impactful communication of science, health and medicine.

Design and illustration

Design and Illustration

2D animation

2D animation

UX/UI Design

UX / UI Design

Design Strategy

Design Strategy

Research and content development

Research and Content Development

A problem-based
multimedia learning application for undergraduate 
kinesiology education
CFTR channel
2D animation
Pathology of Oral Herpes
print, editorial, digital
Pathology of Oral Hepes
Surgical illustration
Laparoscopic-assisted Right Hemicolectomy
print, surgery, traditional
Medical Legal Visualization
print, medical legal, digital
MRI render
Mitochondria and APAF-1
The Apoptosome: 
A Gatekeeper of Programmed Cell Death
print, molecular visualization, digital
Intracellular Function of C3 during Xenophagy
print, immunology, digital
C3 during xenophagy
Your Family Disaster Plan
print, digital
Anatomical Illustrations
print, anatomy, digital

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